Africa Digital Leaders

Africa Digital Leaders (ADL) is a hybrid fellowship programme targeting young leaders between the ages 8-16year old to build their skills and capacity to interact with technology responsibly and be able to minimize risks and maximize opportunities that may come along with their engagements online.

We know children and young people are excited by the use of technology and most of them get committed to the point of addiction if they do not know the rules of balance. Coupled with the fact that children and young people are left out of the discussion regarding internet governance,at COA we believe the earlier young people know and understand their way around technology the better the future could be shaped for Africa.

This is an evolving programme which will take into consideration the peculiar needs and situation in Africa in its implementation so as to have full participation of the leaders. We hope it will give the opportunity to the African Child to hone his/her skills in preparation for the 4th Industrial Revolution takeover.

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